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1 1850 Census has Ben and children in Marengo County, AL without Carrie.

Land Grants:
9/22/1835---40.06 acres--Marengo County
11/2/1837---79.88 acres--marengo County  
Family: F9
2 1870 - Bachus & Kitty lived in Rehoboth, Wilcox County, AL with two children. Most likely, they have other grown children.

Bachus registered to vote in 1867.  
Family: F1
3 1900 Census Family: F3
4 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F2
5 1920 Census has Zilphia, her children and her mother, Henrietta, living in Millers. Family: F9
6 1930 Census - Jake and Nellie was living in Linden Family: F34
7 1980 & 1900 Census Family: F8
8 After marriage, Mattie and Eugene lived in Pushmataha, MS.
Mattie later returned to Rembert Hill.

Most likely, she had children for Eugene, but non lived. She gave birth to nine children and only three lived after birth.

Source: Olivia McIntosh 
Family: F56
9 Although William Doss was born in Georgia, by 1900 (1900 Federal Census Rembert Hills), he lived on Rembert Hill with his wife Elizabeth and four children. Family: F2
10 Baccus and Elsie was born in South Carolina.

1870-Lived in Linden
1880-Lived in Jefferson 
Family: F4
11 Ben Lived on Rembert Hill in 1900 & 1910. In 1920, Ben was living in Thomaston, AL.  Family: F2
12 Bennie died as a young child Family: F5
13 By 1930, Henrietta Ervin was divorced and living back in Linden.  Family: F1
14 Chaney was a Housekeeper - 1900 Census Family: F16
15 Charles & Nancy Easley 1880 Census Family: F9
16 Edwin (ED) and his family lived on Rembert Hill - 1900 Census & 1910 Census.

By 1920, they lived in Myrtlewood and Ed worked at the Saw Mill.  
Family: F1
17 General Lee and Nettie Poellnitz Lee - 1920, 1930 & 1940
U S Census, lived in the Linden area, off hwy 69.  
Family: F2
18 Gilbert & Charlotte Easley - 1870 Census Family: F10
19 In 1870, Adam lived in Clark County, AL with his mother Sarena.

By 1880, Adam lived on Rembert Hill with his wife Susan Miller, Harrirtte (Step daughter) and son Alex.

His mother lived in Millers (Shiloh Census).

Adam purchased land and started farming on Rembert Hill (Half Acre).

The 1920 census has Adam & Lydia Burpo White married and living with the following children.

The Children and their relationship to Adam & Lydia:

Maggie Carter----Step Daughter 21 Adam & Lydia
Homer Carter-----Step Son 20 Adam & Lydia
Edd Burpo--------Step Son 15 Adam
Ella Burpo-------Step Daughter 12 Adam
Molien Rogers----Step Son 11 Adam & Lydia
Icy Rogers-------Step Daughter 9 Adam & Lydia

Adam died 8/20/1938 and is buried in James Chapel Cemetery.
Family: F2
20 In 1870, Arthur lived in Dayton, AL with his with and children. By 1880, he was living in Faunsdale, Al.  Family: F17
21 In 1880, Hampton and his four children lived in Jefferson with Hampton's Mother and Father. The youngest child was 11 months.

Their mother may have died in child birth. 
Family: F2
22 In 1900 (Shiloh Federal Census) John Glover (30) lived with his wife Berry (16) & daughter, Marny (6/12) in Millers.

By 1910, he had married Lucy Rembert Glover and was deceased. She was living in Millers with her three children Eliza Howard, William Glover & Ned Glover.  
Family: F10
23 In 1900, Nelse was a Servant living with Lawrence and Mellie Glass in Sweet Water, AL

Other info - 1920 & 1930 census 
Family: F1
24 In 1910 Alice was widowed living in Nanafalia with her children.

By 1930, she was living in Rembert Hill with Maggie and two Grandchildren.  
Family: F1
25 In 1920, Ed lived in Nanafalia and worked at the Saw Mill.

In 1920, he lived on Rembert Hill with his younger children and farmed. 
Family: F2
26 It appears that Ed Winfield came to Rembert Hill around 1896.

The 1900 Census has Ed married to Annie living on Rembert Hill with Ed's sister Birdie.

Ed's first child with Inez (Ellen) was born in 1902

Most of Ed's family lived in Jefferson in 1880 with his Grandfather Baccus Winfield. 
Family: F1
27 It is known that Jonas had one or more children (Larkin) with Easter.

The 1880 census has Jonas with Clara and their daughter Phyllis. There are most likely many more children of Larken with Easter or Clara. 
Family: F13
28 It is not known how Littleton Bruno came to Rembert Hill. It is believed that his mother is Sallie Bruno and Edward Bruno is his brother. Neither has been confirmed.

On Sept 1st, 1896, he married Nellie Updike on Rembert Hill.

In 1910, he was still on Rembert Hill as an Overseer.  
Family: F1
29 Jacob was born in Virginia but, by 1970 (1970 Federal Census Demopolis AL), he lived in Demopolis with his wife Della and most of his Children.  Family: F2
30 John & Tina Easley - 1880 Census Family: F11
31 Judson and Amanda married n 1869  Family: F2
32 Judson served in the Confederate Army Family: F2
33 Mary Walker was born in Dayton, AL. By 1900 she was living on Rembert Hill with her four children and married Tom Willis. 1900 Census Family: F5
34 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F4
35 On 1870 (1970 Federal Census, Choctaw Cty) Andrew, His wife Kizzie and seven children lived in Choctaw Cty, AL.

George's son William moved to Rembert Hill and married Rosanna Glover.  
Family: F1
36 Poellnitz Family History from Jones Family Tree - Ancestry Family: F2
37 Ralph and Harriett lived on the Millers (Shiloh) side.

Ralph and Candies was on Rembert Hill by 1930.  
Family: F2
38 Sometime after 1880, Priscilla moved from Jefferson back to Millers with her three children.

Her oldest son Joe, Worked and saved money to purchased 40 Acres of land where they started farming. Since he was only 19 years old, he put the deeds in his mother's name.

Priscilla later met Richard Glass (a White man) and they had four children, which they raised all living together in the same house.  
Family: F14
39 The 1880 Federal Census list Pricilla as widowed, livng in Jefferson with Mary Worthy (George's Mother) and two children, Joe (4) and James (2).  Family: F13
40 The Book, "Remberts by way of South Carolina" by Henrietta Rembert and C. A. Brooks McCall Family: F5
41 The Kirkham family information was taken from Aimwell Cemetery, Marengo County, Alabama. Recorded by Terry Fields  Family: F2
42 US Census 1880 - 1940

1910 Census listed General Lee as married to Lula Rembert living on Rembert Hill. They had ben married for 14 years.

1920, 1930 & 1940 Census listed him with Nettie Poellnitz living in the Linden area, off hwy 69. 
Family: F1
43 William Bryant was born in Jefferson, AL. He came to Rembert Hill, married Julia Witherspoon, purchased land and started farming.  Family: F1
44 In 1900, Pink lived on Rembert Hill with her son Judge Rembert

In 1910 she was married to Riley Bee living with her son Judge Bruno. 
Bee, Pink Rembert
45 Jessie was only found on the 1920 Census. Bruno, Jessie
46 In 1880, Wiliam Bryant lived in Jefferson with his Grandmother, Elysar Bryant.

By 1900, he was on Rembert Hill married to Julia.

In 1930, he was married to Alice still living on Rembert Hill.  
Bryant, William
47 By 1910, Morgan had moved his family from Rehoboth, Wilcox Cty AL to Myrtlewood, most likely to work at the Saw Mill. Burpo, Morgan
48 In 1900, Charity was listed as widowed. Not much is known about Richard Curry. Curry, Charity Hildreth
49 Charity lived in Mobile most of her adult life. She is burried in Rembert Hill Cemetery. Dixon, Charity Phyllis Rogers
50 Although William Doss was born in Georgia, by 1900 (1900 Federal Census Rembert Hills), he lived on Rembert Hill with his wife Elizabeth, four children, nieces: Hanna & Minnie Doss and Nephew, Simon Doss Doss, William

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