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1 Buried Near the Peck tombstone at Mt Etna Miller, George E
2 Listed as an Oil Worker in census. Left family and moved to California.

He married to ?

He returned to Muncie late in life and lived with Georgia and Don Reber.  
Miller, George E
3 Georgia lived with Goldie, her sister, and graduated from Muncie Central High School. Her father left the family and moved to California causing great hardship.

Married Don H. Reber, who was friend to her sister's husband in Muncie. She was very active in Muncie social groups and traveled extensively. After death of Don, she moved to house on Robinwood Drive.

She also purchased a small farm near Eaton Indiana which served as a retreat for the family. She had a pond constructed and raised pigs, chickens and cows for several years.

At 96 she was still very active and had just passed her driving test.  
Miller, Georgia Feigh
4 Alice died days after she was born. Her ashes were buried with Georgia Reber in her casket. Reber, Alice
5 Born in Portland Indiana, he had a chemistry lab in the barn in the rear of the family house on Hawkins St. He said to have nearly burnt the place down on several occasions. We sill have assorted glassware and a still that were his. In the 1920 census it shows his profession as working at the drug store.

He graduated from Purdue 1923 with degree in Pharmacy
At Purdue he played flute in the marching band. He also played the big base drum that is still rolled on the field at football games after being on the push crew for several years.

After graduation he got a job with Owl Drugs in Muncie Indiana. He met Harry Thomas who was a music teacher. He eventually married Georgia Miller, the sister of Harry's wife Goldie, who was living with them in Muncie. He had several residences in Muncie before buying a house on Main Street, which was near the Thomas house.

Don started Reber Machine and Tool in 1943 to support the needs of the war effort. The first machine was a lathe which was set up in their bedroom in the house on Main Street in Muncie. Business grew to employ several people and was housed in the garage in the back of the house.

Business eventually was relocated to current South Liberty location, which was the site of a car dealership.

Moved to large house on Burlington Pike south of Muncie overlooking White River. He and Georgia made many sight seeing trips around the world, visiting Europe, Egypt, India, and other placed with Miller Tours.

Reber, Donald Hiester
6 Solomon was a farmer by profession. His farm was near the Zion Blue Mountain Church in Strausstown Pa. He apparently had mental problems which led him to hang himself in this barn at the age of 52. According to the article in the Reading Eagle and the NY Times, he was in the process of moving back to the farm from Strausstown to help his mental state when he killed himself. Reber, Solomon Grime